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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell This novel has several plot lines. Daringly, Mitchell opens with the one that is probably the least accessible, a decision that has not forced him to get a day job so hats off to him. The structure of the novel also shows that he is willing to take chances. Each chapter introduces a new plot line. The middle narrative is then followed by chapters that conclude the other plot lines until the last chapter finishes the first one. I had a few false starts but once I got into the rhythm of that first narrative I really enjoyed this novel. One of the plot lines is a mystery, another is science fiction in a post apocalypse world, and a third one is narrated by an outrageous character. Read someone else's review to find out what that narrative references - I don't feel like thinking that hard right now. The novel isn't perfect. The connections between the narratives might be a little too gimmicky, but it is a good read. I will definitely read more of his books.