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Motherless Brooklyn - Jonathan Lethem I enjoyed this story quite a bit. I have no idea if the main character, Lionel Essrog, is portrayed accurately or well, since he has Tourette's Syndrome, but it's interesting, as well as funny and sad at times. It's a detective story, a spoof perhaps, but not an obnoxious send-up. The genre's cliches are not included for cheap laughs; they are put to good use.

Lionel's boss is murdered at the beginning. And then they're off and running! Brooklyn, a Russian killer, mafioso, small time hoods, Japanese Zen, Japanese corporations and of all things, Maine and the Artist Formerly Know as Prince.

I don't think the book quite lives up to the claims of some of the critics. It was not a deep meditation about language. That was fine with me, I guess. There's reflection, but for the most part, it does not overwhelm the plot.

Other reviewers apparently saw what was happening from a mile away. Hey, I haven't read a lot of mysteries. The climax was not perfect, the mystery was not an enigma wrapped in a wet noodle or whatever, but it was enjoyable, except next time, Lionel should get the girl.