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The 19th Wife - David Ebershoff Good book.

I've noticed a few reviews that have panned the novel for religious reasons or because of differences over the intersection between fiction and nonfiction, but neither issue affected me. The foul language and the gay relationships in one of the plot lines didn't distract me either. I was surprised to read complaints. The language suits the characters. The focal character's sexual orientation was just an aspect of his character and was not something the author emphasized. I thought it was interesting to read about falling in love from his perspective and can see why someone who has strong moral objections to homosexuality would be uncomfortable, but, hey, isn't that one reason we read fiction?

The book is not flawless, but it's ambitious and entertaining. There are two plot lines. I hesitated to begin the story because of the historical plot line involving members of the early Mormon church, but it did not bog down, though I can imagine readers skimming parts of it. The author incorporated historical documents and other texts that enlivened the telling. The second plot line is a mystery taking place in modern times and its resolution took me by surprise. Both plot lines address polygamy.

I plan to read another David Ebershoff book.