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American Gods - Neil Gaiman What a great book. I knew Neil Gaiman wrote for children but had no idea he wrote novels for adults until I spotted this.

The book lagged at times in the middle but not in a way that lost my interest completely. There was enough going on to keep me thinking and amused even when I had my doubts, such as the dream sequences.

At least one reviewer here objected to how Gaiman mixed the pantheons of gods. I liked it. At least one reviewer thought it was predictable. Maybe I haven't read many books in this vein but the last part of the book really picked up for me because of so many surprises and revelations that transformed my understanding of some of the slower middle parts.

The main character, Shadow, is a thoughtful ex-con who believably puts up with a lot of malarkey from various gods and supernatural creatures. The book is filled with intriguing characters, including Shadow's wife Laura and his con man boss, Mr. Wednesday.