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Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement - Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis I've had this book on the shelf and have pulled it down and read parts of it here and there for a few years. I finally sat down in the last couple of weeks and read it through. It's an excellent resource. I was pleased to discover that I'm already doing a lot of the things it suggests, probably because of the pulling it off the shelf over the last few years... Despite that, there was still a lot of practical ideas that I want to incorporate into my repertoire, mainly from Part 2 about strategy lessons. That section alone might make the book worth 5 stars, especially to someone who has not already read Mosaic of Thought. Other parts were less useful to me personally. There was a nice review of the "nuts and bolts of comprehension instruction". The chapters that addressed "reading for understanding in social studies and science" and "topic studies" were also interesting to me, mainly as a pat on the back because I work at a PYP school and I think we're doing very well according to the standards Harvey and Goudvis set.