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Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead I liked it, okay? It reminded me of The Lightning Thief, except the narrator of Succubus Blues knows from the very beginning that she is not mortal. In fact, Georgina Kincaid works for the forces of evil, which is actually a pretty complicated premise in my opinion. We are expected to identify with her even though she has spent centuries seducing men in order to claim their souls for Satan. Because it is downplayed and she has been in a funk for a few decades, we do accept her for the most part, though I had a little trouble as events came to their exciting conclusion, which was exciting because Georgina is forced to make a decision that will affect her status in Hell. The ending also simultaneously reminds us that the novel is also a romance, something I personally probably could not put up with except in a cross genre novel.

I can recommend Succubus Blues because it was fun. The idea of devils and angels hanging out as drinking buddies is terrifying if you think about it, but don't. If you want to do that, read Neil Gaiman's American Gods. There were times when I thought the story's construction could have been tighter. There were sentences that I thought were unnecessary, but I think many readers will forgive that or not even notice because the writing is clear and the milieu is an interesting mishmash of contemporary urbanite culture and immortals, even though they spend too much time in bookstores.