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On Writing - Stephen King The only other thing I've read by Stephen King was his introduction to The Best American Short Stories 2007. After seeing On Writing on a lot of best books about writing lists and remembering that funny and intelligent introduction, I guess my expectations were raised too high. The book is fine, his thoughts fine. I've just read enough writing books that none of it was new to me, except for the particulars of how he told it and how it related to his own writing and life. Since I haven't read his work, the best bits for me were just getting to know Stephen King, whom I liked, and getting to know a little more about his work, which I plan to try. His anecdote about teachers trying to discourage him from wasting his talent on horror really hit home since I'm a teacher. I'm just glad I don't think most teachers today would do that, even ones like me who as kids hated horror.