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How to Cook Everything: 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food - Mark Bittman I've had this for a few years (Thanks Santa) and have done more reading than cooking, my fault, probably a crime. I've renamed it How to Cook Nothing, but now that my wife is returning to work soon I'll be trying out many more recipes. I expect success. I already know the little food essays that dot the pages and open the chapters are excellent, because the writing is clear, learned, and vivid. Like familiar ingredients that combine to create something scrumptious or surprising, the simple chapter titles, such as "Eggs, Breakfast and Dairy" and "Beans", suggest the possibilities without really revealing the full experience, which includes linking arms with ageless tradition, rebelling against our processed foods culture, and demonstrating love for others in a practical, daily ritual. I want to keep writing but the kids are hungry and I have to cook. Grill cheese sandwiches, page 166. Wish me luck.